Welcome to The Little Green Fairy!  A store where fantasy and reality become one! 

I've always had a fascination with children's art and literature.  After I had children I found a place where magic can become reality.  Their clothes!  

The whimsey of fairytales can be brought to life in your children.  A child's life should be fun and playful.  And so should their clothes!

Collection list

Featured Collection: Rompers

Paige's Patchwork Romper Quick shop
Panda Pete Romper Set Quick shop
Fancy No Pants Romper Quick shop
Shark Lover Romper Quick shop
Bunny Butt Romper Quick shop
Soaring High Romper Quick shop
Posey's Romper Quick shop
Girly Harry Potter Set Quick shop
Harry Potter Set Quick shop

Harry Potter Set

from 19.99

Snuggle This Muggle Romper Quick shop
Bohemian Baby Romper Quick shop
Zebra Head Romper Set Quick shop

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